5 Weird Horror Things from All Across the Internet

Do you ever come across something so out of the ordinary that you just have to add it to a list so you can post it to your blog? Oh, that’s just me? Awesome. Today, we’re counting down five of the weirdest horror things on the internet (jk there’s totally weirder stuff out there).

5. This person who is weirdly good at MS Paint.

This artist recreates classic movie moments in MS Paint– and here I thought I was talented for filling in scribbles with the paint can tool and calling it stained glass. They’re posting nothing but horror for the entirety of October, and so far they’ve done everything from Akira to Return of the Living Dead.

mummy bagels

4. A vegan horror blog.

Featuring vegan how-to’s, horror reviews, and everything in between, Spooky Vegan is perfect for all the people out there who enjoy guts and gore as long as they don’t have to eat it. While all of this blogger’s posts are awesome, her horror-inspired vegan recipes are what make her so great. There’s just something about eating vegan bug appetizers that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


3. This spider animation thing.

This is an animated spider that doesn’t do anything except crawl around and eat any bugs you put down. You can change its speed, scale, and a whole lot of other things that probably would make more sense if I had weed. I’m not really not sure why this exists.


2. A how-to on making actual horror cakes.

This person makes hyper-realistic gut cakes and treats and you can too! Learn how to make everything from a circulating heart cake to a cake that looks a lot like grandpa with this blogger’s easy-to-follow instructions. Enjoy serving any of these fun, festive treats at your next neighborhood potluck!

1.This creepy fucking thing.

The laugh track gives this scene such an uncomfortable, surreal feeling. It almost reminds me of David Lynch’s Rabbits. Anyone know what I’m talking about? If you haven’t seen it already, I strongly recommend you watch it. Like now.

So, there you have it– five weird things I found on the internet. Thank god for quality content.


2 thoughts on “5 Weird Horror Things from All Across the Internet

  1. MS Paint Cinema says:

    Thanks for the plug!

    I really like that Silence of the Lambs bit, I’ve always been a proponent for how strong the relation between horror and comedy is. A camp fire ghost story and joke are structurally exactly the same.


    1. Horror Cake says:

      Thank you for creating plug-worthy content!

      And I too love the relationship between comedy and horror. It’s interesting to look at the comments on the video, because there appears to be a relatively even split between people who think its disturbing and people who think its hilarious.


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